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What Does The Vaping Crisis Have To Do With CBD?

A serious vaping illness is spreading across the nation. So, what does this mean for CBD brands and consumers?

Youve probably already heard the news about a vaping-related illness sweeping the nation, causing sickness and even several deaths related to vaping e-cigarettes. But what about CBD vaping? 

We take vaping safety seriously, so if you’re feeling concerned we encourage you to read this article before trying CBD oil or vapes. 

About the Vaping Crisis

According to reports by Vox, respiratory illnesses related to vaping have so far affected 805 people in 46 U.S. states. The CDC has also reported at least a dozen deaths in 10 states, according to Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat—and that number is expected to rise.

Officials are still investigating which compound(s) may be responsible, and researchers are unsure what exactly is causing the lung illnesses: inhalation of nicotine additives, inhalation of THC and CBD oils, or rather inhalation of a combination of other potentially toxic compounds being put into vapes. On both the regulated legal market and the black market, vape juice, e-juice, and vape cartridges have all become suspect, and for good reason.

Are CBD Vapes Dangerous?

The unfortunate truth about vaping is that because it’s still relatively new, we dont have much scientific research on its long-term effects. In turn, we dont know if vaping CBD oil is related to the root cause of the vaping illness outbreak. Until studies can show us more data, the safest bet is to stay away from it. 

Black market CBD vapes could potentially be filled with any number of hazardous chemicals, and even legally sold CBD vapes may pose a risk to lung health.  

Other Ways to Use CBD

There are safer ways to get a fast-acting effect from CBD without endangering your ability to breathe, so dont risk your health and wellness without all the information. 

Whether youre currently vaping CBD or nicotine and are searching for an alternative, or you’re curious to try CBD but want to avoid the risks of vaping, there are several great options for you:

CBD tinctures are made specifically for sublingual dosing (placing drops under the tongue), as well as for ingestion (simply eating CBD-infused food or beverage). CBD taken sublingually is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, causing it to take effect as quickly as in a few minutes. CBD tinctures come with a dropper which makes measuring dosages from a small apothecary-style bottle easy!

CBD capsules are great for people who want to avoid both vaping and tasting CBD oil. They are generally sold in 25 mg capsules in 30 or 60 count bottles. 

The onset of CBD edibles and capsules is generally longer than other methods since the body needs to digest them before they enter the bloodstream. However, they offer a great way to get long-lasting benefits from CBD. Check out these CBD infused caramels to get the relief you’ve been looking for, plus a tasty snack!

CBD balms and topicals are also excellent methods of getting fast-acting relief. Both are designed to be applied directly to the skin where they act solely on the affected area and don’t enter the bloodstream. CBD balms and topicals begin acting almost immediately and can provide relief for several hours.

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