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The Best CBD Gift Ideas for Xmas

Find the best CBD gifts for the hemp lover on your holiday shopping list.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the CBD lover in your life? Look no further. Cannafornia has something for everyone on your list.

Coming together with friends and family, experiencing the best of life, and laughing together is what the holidays are all about. Gifting CBD this year is the perfect way to encourage exactly that.

If you’re new to CBD, here’s a brief intro: CBD is not intoxicating like cannabis and will not cause any psychoactive effect. Also, ordering CBD online in all 50 US states is legal.

Try introducing CBD to your family and friends this holiday with some of Cannafornia’s best CBD gift ideas for Christmas 2019.

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules make great stocking stuffers! Each capsule contains 25mg of high-quality CBD oil and is completely free of THC.

Is someone on your list having problems sleeping? Gift them CBD capsules. They are an easy, no-fuss way of taking CBD. There’s no measuring required and no need for carrying (or risking spilling) bottles of oil.

Another convenient benefit to taking CBD in capsule form is that you don’t have to taste or feel any oils in your mouth.

Click here to view our 30 and 60 count bottles of THC-free 25mg CBD Capsules.

CBD Edibles

This holiday season, give the gift of chill with Cannafornia’s CBD Hemp Extract infused Caramels. These CBD snacks taste just like grandma’s did and are the perfect icebreaker at social gatherings.

They also serve as an effective chill-pill at those (sometimes) tense family gatherings. Each individually wrapped caramel has 2.5mg of CBD so there’s room to get your snack on without consuming more CBD than needed.

CBD Tinctures

Cannafornia has the best CBD tincture for everybody on your list, from the first-time CBD user to the experienced need-to-have CBD lover.

Why not surprise grandma with a tasty CBD tincture for Christmas? Maybe that stressed-out cousin or work-a-holic aunt could also use some CBD to help even things out this holiday season.

Cannafornia’s world-class CBD tinctures contain no THC and only include two high-quality ingredients; pure CBD and MCT coconut oil. Each tincture comes with a measuring dropper so you always know how much CBD you are getting.

CBD Topicals

No matter who is on your shopping gift list this year, they could (probably) benefit from using CBD topicals.

Whether MMA fighters in the UFC, dealing with itchy and inflamed skin, or just regular people managing muscle and joint pain, CBD topicals are a great support to skin wellness.

Cannafornia’s high-quality CBD topical Hemp Extract Balm includes 500mg of CBD in a two-ounce container and contains –

  • No pesticides
  • No imported ingredients
  • No synthetic ingredients

Hemp Extract Balm by Cannafornia CBD is specially formulated with Lavender and Eucalyptus Oil along with cold-pressed non-GMO beeswax and virgin coconut oil that combines to naturally soothe and calm.

Give the Gift of CBD this Christmas

Ready to help improve the quality of health and wellness for yourself and loved ones this holiday season? Give the gift of Cannafornia CBD and help encourage relaxation, rest, and recovery.

Click here to view our entire catalog of high-quality CBD gift ideas.

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