Our mission

With our line of Cannafornia CBD Products we hope to take charge of the CBD industry by combining the highest quality hemp-derived CBD Oil available and the utmost integrity. The attention to detail we pay to every step in the process ensures that we continually meet our goal of remaining a pillar of the CBD Industry.

All of our products feature the finest ingredients possible, sourced from farms on the west coast of the U.S. and specifically formulated to work synergistically with our CBD Oil.

Company History

Founded in 2017 by South Florida native Paul King, Cannafornia CBD is committed to continue to push  the industry forward with innovative hemp-derived CBD products that consumers can trust and depend on.

With our country’s crippling opioid epidemic – which claims more than 115 lives each day  – Cannafornia is on the forefront of the industry; helping to bring awareness to the possible benefits and healing properties of the hemp plant.

Our Culture

Cannafornia CBD is made up  of a diverse and ever-growing group of talented professionals with a singular focus on bringing CBD to the people. We believe our unique mix of cultures, backgrounds, and even geographic locations is one of the many assets that gives us an advantage over other companies. 

It is our goal at Cannafornia to help our employees build a healthy work / life balance and we subscribe to the “work hard, play hard” way of life.