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20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

Twenty of the most groundbreaking scientific CBD experiments to date.

It can be difficult to sift through abstracts and studies searching for CBD info. That’s why we’re making it easy for you.

This article includes 20 of the most groundbreaking scientific experiments on CBD that we’ve found.

Learn why scientists are studying CBD and about its fascinatingly powerful properties. By the end of it, you’ll be able to tell your friends everything there is to know about CBD Science.

We’ve organized them by topic of study to help you find what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Inflammation & Pain

20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

Inflammation is related to all types of illnesses and health conditions. It can arise from acute injuries or chronic diseases. Reducing inflammation can help reduce pain, improve healing, and much more.

Cannabinoids as Novel Anti-Inflammatories

This scientific paper breaks down the biological mechanisms responsible for inflammation and explains how CBD’s properties affect the inflammatory response.

Cannabinoids in the management of difficult to treat pain

This is an in-depth review and analysis of clinical and preliminary trials and studies on CBD and pain.

The Analgesic Potential of Cannabinoids

This study scientifically explains the potential pain-relieving properties from CBD and other cannabinoids and describes the molecular pathways of analgesia.

Efficacy of cannabis-based medicinal extracts for relief of central neuropathic pain

A brief study is a clinical trial of CBD in humans with central neuropathic pain.

Can CBD Reduce the Use of Pain Medication

A scientific survey covering seven pain clinics including patients and staff from Southern California.

Anxiety and Stress

20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

CBD’s naturally calming properties are some of its most cherished benefits. Read the science behind the claim and learn more about CBD’s effects on anxiety-related stress.

Endogenous Cannabinoid Signaling is Essential for Stress Adaptation

This scientific paper explains why a healthy functioning endocannabinoid system is directly related to mediating stress-related symptoms.

CBD protects against cognitive impairments of stress

Stress can kill it’s true! Stress and anxiety can impair health cognition. This paper explains how CBD’s properties may improve cognition affected by stress impairment.

Antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like effects of cannabidiol

This paper is an in-depth study of the anti-depressant and anxiolytic-like properties of CBD in rats. It’s one of the most cited CBD studies on the Internet and suggests that CBD may have a powerful effect on stress and anxiety.

Cannabidiol Reduces the Anxiety Induced by Simulated Public Speaking

Another one of the most cited scientific studies on CBD in humans, this study experiments with CBD in people with a severe fear of public speaking.

Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

An in-depth analysis and review of the scientific literature available on CBD’s properties related to the treatment of anxiety disorders such as insomnia, PTSD, and schizophrenia.


20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

Get caught up on everything we know about CBD and sleep.

No Acute Effects of Cannabidiol on the Sleep-Wake Cycle

This clinical trial on CBD in humans with a healthy sleep cycle aims to assess if CBD has any negative side effects on healthy sleep in volunteers.

Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep

This study is an in-depth scientific analysis and review of the scientific literature available on cannabis and cannabinoids, including CBD its effect on sleep.

Effect of Cannabidiol on Plasma prolactin, human growth hormone and cortisol in human volunteers

This study covers an experiment designed to assess the effect of CBD on biological markers such as human growth hormone and the stress compound cortisol.

Alzheimers and Dementia

20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

The rising rates of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are a grave public health concern. Can CBD help with dementia?

Cannabidiol: A promising drug for neurodegenerative diseases

This scientific study is a comprehensive review and analysis of CBD’s neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory properties as they relate to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Cardiovascular Health

20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

Heart disease is the number one killer among US adults with high blood pressure being the number one related factor. Learn about CBD’s effects on the cardiovascular system, heart health, and blood pressure.

Cannabidiol Attenuates Cardiac Dysfunction

This study is a scientific experiment on CBD in a mouse model of diabetic cardiomyopathy and discusses CBD’s benefits to the cardiovascular system.

A Single Dose of Cannabidiol Lowers Blood Pressure

This is a famous study that found a single dose of CBD is enough to lower blood pressure in healthy human volunteers.


20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

Does CBD have any effect on cancer? Learn what scientific studies have uncovered about CBD’s properties related to cancer.

The Current State and Future Prospective of Cannabinoids in Cancer Biology

An in-depth analysis and review of CBD’s beneficial properties as they relate to the study of cancer.

CBD triples survival in Pancreatic Cancer

A famous study on CBD in a mouse model of Pancreatic Cancer in which mice treated with CBD survived three times longer than those that weren’t.

Inhibition of Colon Carcinogenesis by a Standardized Cannabis Sativa Extract with High CBD Content

This is a CBD and cancer study conducted on mice that explores the mechanisms by which CBD acts upon carcinogenesis.

Novel Mechanism of Cannabidiol-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cell lines

A lab study conducted on breast cancer cells that documents and examines the apoptosis of breast cancer cells triggered by CBD.

Learn More About CBD

These are only a few of the most groundbreaking studies on CBD, with many more new studies hopefully to come.

It’s going to take some time to digest all of this CBD science, so be sure to bookmark this article.

That way you can always come back to it as needed for supporting scientific information on the benefits of CBD.

Thanks for reading!

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20 Different Scientific Studies on CBD

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